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Sl.No Hming Pa hming Address Membership Type
1 Lalrawngbawli Zaithanpuia Saron Veng Patron Member
2 V.Malsawmtluanga V.Lalrinmawia Lunglei, Serkawn Patron Member
3 Chanchinmawia Lalawia (L) Zohnuai, Lunglei Patron Member
4 Rev. Vanlalbela Chawngseia (L) Bawngkawn, Aizawl Patron Member
5 Runremsangi Ngunneihliana Chaltlang, Aizawl Patron Member
6 R Lalmuanpuii Ngurthangliana Lunglei Patron Member
7 Lianchungnunga L C Thanzauva (L) Electric, Aizawl Patron Member
8 C. Lalhmangaiha James Zuikhama Chaltlang Aizawl Patron Member
9 R K Vanlalpeki Lalthlahlova (L) Armed Veng Aizawl Life Member
10 Evelyn Laldinthari K Zathanga Chaltlang Aizawl Patron Member
11 Lalrosang K Zalian Teikhang Life Member
12 F C Kylacharili F C Leihpeih Armed Aizawl Annual Member
13 Lalzuiliani Zaleta Armed Veng Aizawl Annual Member
14 C Lalremruata Rokima (L) Serkawn Lunglei Patron Member
15 R Lalbiakzara R Zaluaia (L) Serkawn Lunglei Patron Member
16 R Lalfakmawia R Lianzama (L) Lungmawi Life Member
17 Lalrothanga Lalawia (L) Chaltlang Aizawl Patron Member
18 Phillia Lalramdini Dr Thangkima Chaltlang Patron Member
19 Chanchinmawia Lunglei Patron Member
20 Er K Laltluangkima Laipuitlang Patron Member
21 Vanlalsailova Dawrpui Aizawl Patron Member
22 Rev Dr Lalhmangaiha Saizik (L) Electric Veng Aizawl Patron Member
23 Zonunsangi Fanai Vaivakawn Patron Member
24 K Lalramngheta Chawlhhmun Patron Member
25 Zorampari Durtlang Patron Member
26 K Vanlallawma Durtlang Patron Member
27 Lalfamkimi Chawlhhmun
28 James Zuikhama Ramfangzauva Chaltlang Life Member
29 Vanhawii Beikhaia Chaltlang Aizawl Life Member
30 Laldinpuii Chaltlang Life Member
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