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Collector hna lak update

Collector hna lak update

Corban Society Collector hna lak tur chu diltu mi engemaw zat an awm mek zel a. Tun thleng hian mi 191 in  dilna form an la chhuak tawh a ni. Hna lak zat tur hi sawi lawk mai theih a ni lo a, candidate kan hmuh dan a zirin lak a ni dawn a ni. Ni 26 October ral hmain dilna form te hi Corban Society office ah submit leh hman vek tur a ni a, ni 26 October hnu lam a mi te chu pawm an ni lo ang. 28 October ah Personal interview neih tur a ni a, zing lam dar 10 a tanga neih tan tur a ni ang. Interview a tling te chuan 29 October hian written test zing dar 10 ah neih tur a ni ang. Interview a tlingte hi phone hmanga inhriattir nghal a ni ang.

Collector tur a lak te tan 31 October hian Training & Seminar buatsaih a ni dawn a, zing dar 10 ah kim vek tur a ni ang. Sawrkar lam atangin resource persons an awm dawn a, tlai lam dar 2 thleng hun hman tur a ni ang.


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